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Célio Azevedo

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Célio Azevedo
Célio Azevedo
Native name Célio de Azevedo Júnior
Born 1982/02/23
Rio de Janeiro
🏫 Education Master Degree/MBA
🎓 Alma mater Candido Mendes University
💼 Occupation
Philosopher, writer, journalist, actor, musician, producer, author, poet
Height 1.82
🌐 Website
🥚 Twitter
👍 Facebook
💼 LinkedIN
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Early Life[editar]

Célio de Azevedo Júnior (Célio Azevedo) is a polymath, as philosopher, journalist, musician, producer, actor and author.

Born and raised between the neighborhoods of Catete and Laranjeiras, Rio de Janeiro - Brazil, son of artistic cinema/tv/theatre producer, actor and director Célio de Azevedo (Célio Azevedo, same public name), with Portuguese and Dutch descent, he took piano and acoustic guitar lessons at the age of 6.

He also dedicates himself to poet activities during school and university times, involved in cultural and political movements, theater classes and singing lessons. He wrote his first book at 17. Célio Azevedo currently has published 30 books, 500 songs, thousands of articles, 5 studio albums (two of them also released for Europe), as well as a filmography.


Célio Azevedo continued to dedicate himself to academic and several studies and, some time later, became interested in music between the ages of 15-17, joining as a guest in some bands. Meanwhile, he founded his first band and was a political activist in his youth.

He has been musically active since 1999, when he formed the band "Scout", also known as "Reverteram di Locutus" (in Latin language), being vocalist, bassist, guitarist and lyricist. Also, as a political scientist since 2005, he has organized and given lectures and courses at universities and events.

In 2003, he created the alternative rock band "Prematorium", which he followed until then, remaining on guitar, guitars, lyrics, vocals and keyboards. Occasionally, he also played the harmonicas and wrote poems. Currently, the neoclassical artist is in a "solo" career and leads his rock opera "Celio Azevedo's Scout", with several other guest musicians, in addition to the "Ahoj" project.

He also has a portal that publishes from poetry to courses and topics on international economics/politics. Célio still works as a music/artistic producer, political analyst/philosopher, poet, as well as a businessman, CEO of companies Célio Azevedo Produções, Rock News TV, Fund. Cultura Não Alinhada, Portal Fazer Acontecer, among others.

Célio Azevedo graduated in Social Communication - Journalism/Publicity at UNESA and in Philosophy at UNICSUL. He also completed MBAs in Marketing Management, Business Management and a postgraduate degree in Higher Education Teaching at UCAM and at GAMA FILHO, as some others degrees.

He is the author of "The Coverage of the JB and the Globo of the Fall of the Berlin Wall (1989) and the End of the USSR (1991)" (Portuguese: "A Cobertura do JB e do Globo da Queda do Muro de Berlim (1989) e do Fim da URSS (1991)"), "Poetic Manuscripts", "Java for All", "Songs in Other Languages", "Estado laico não é Estado laicista", "Célio Azevedo: Uma lacônica biografia aos 40", "Селио Азеведо – Лаконичная биография в 40 лет", "Art and Materialism - Philosophy of Chaos" (Czech: "Umění a Materialismus: Filozofie Chaosu"), he also worked on the short story book, "The Dark Side (O Lado Sombrio)", the political science book, "Kritické Myšlení a Media", "Alvorecer", the media book and higher education, "Communication Technologies and Higher Education in Journalism" and, recently, on journalistic manipulation, in "Gotterdamerung" and "Edgar Morin's Planetary Education", "Philosophic Poems", "Philosophic Poems Part II", "Philosophic Poems Part III", "Filosofia do Caos Cosmológico: Uma análise dos modelos cosmológicos, evidências observacionais e desafios atuais ao explorar a expansão do universo", "The Power Of The Media During The 90s" and others.

He released the musical studio albums: "2012", "Mr. Fusion", a rock opera "Celio Azevedo's Scout - Scoutish: The XXI Rock Opera", "Wait for Tomorrow", "Modern World", "2022", as well as several singles, live, and other alternative discographies.

Founder, ex-president and cultural coordinator of the Academic Center for Social Communication - CACOS-BISPO, ex-secretary-general of the famous DCE (Central Directory of Students) Honestino Guimarães, worked in cultural organizations, diverse political associations, as well as in the Non-Aligned Culture Foundation (Fundação de Cultura Não Alinhada), etc. During the 2000s, he also studied IT, Astronomy, Astrophysics, Cosmology, Political Science, Philosophy and Law, in addition to teaching object-oriented programming languages and others as idioms.

Nowadays, he teaches courses in political science, philosophy, English and IT. Speaker, journalist and writer, he philosophically analyses the national and international political reality from his own perspective and gives lectures. With 172 of IQ, Célio Azevedo has 30 books, 5 studio albums (two of them also released in Europe), as well as a filmography.

Celio Azevedo while living in Prague, Czech Republic.

In interviews, he says that all his musical, film and literary work are one and the same, part of his own philosophy.


- Célio Azevedo "Espere o Amanhã" (1999-2008)

- Vida Sofrida EP - Prematório Band (2008)

- Vida Sofrida EP (2009)

- "2012" (2012)

- Realidade (2014)

- Mr. Fusion (2015)

- Exit Music for the Imaginary End (2016)

- Metropolis Craziness (2017)

- Célio Azevedo Live (2019)

- Celio Azevedo's Scout - Scout Band (2019)

- Celio Azevedo's Scout - Scoutish: The XXI Rock Opera (2020)

- Shame - Ahoj Band (2020)

- Spread The Word [Herman Stalker] and Digital EP (2021)

- Modern Word (2021)

- "2022" (2022)

- "Celio Azevedo's The Shadows' Reign" (2023)


- "Manuscritos Poéticos" (1999)

- "Poetic Manuscripts" (1999)

- "A Cobertura do JB e do Globo da Queda do Muro de Berlim (1989) e do Fim da URSS (1991)" (2006)

- "The News Coverage Of JB And Globo About The Fall Of The Berlin Wall (1989) And The End Of Soviet Union (1991)" (2006)

- "O Lado Sombrio - Os 13 Contos Imortais" - Participant with Paulo Ballado (2010)

- "Java Para Todos" (2016)

- "Músicas em Outros Idiomas" (2020)

- "Arte e Materialismo - Filosofia do Caos" (2021)

- "Umění a Materialismus: Filozofie chaosu" Finnish (2021)

- "Umění a Materialismus: Filozofie chaosu" Czech (2021)

- "Kritické Myšlení a Média" - Editor with Jana Karásková (2021)

- "Götterdämmerung" (2021)

- "As Tecnologias da Comunicação e o Ensino Superior de Jornalismo" (2022)

- "A Educação planetária de Edgar Morin" (2022)

- "Alvorecer" - Editor (2022)

- "Estado laico não é Estado laicista" (2023)

- "Célio Azevedo: Uma lacônica biografia aos 40" (2023)

- "Célio Azevedo: Uma lacônica biografia aos 40" (Versão 2022) (2023)

- "Селио Азеведо – Лаконичная биография в 40 лет" (2023)

- "Célio Azevedo: Eine lakonische Biographie mit 40" (2023)

- "Philosophic Poems" - With Desy Hambarliyska (2023)

- "Philosophic Poems - Part II" - With Desy Hambarliyska and Aline Franco (2023)

- "Philosophic Poems - Part III" - With Desy Hambarliyska and Aline Franco (2023)

- "Filosofia do Caos Cosmológico: Uma análise dos modelos cosmológicos, evidências observacionais e desafios atuais ao explorar a expansão do universo" (2023)

- "Lendas do Interior" - Participant (2023)

- "Antologia de Célio Azevedo" (2023)

- "MEP" (2024)

- "The Best Of Philosophic Poems - Part I: World Of Lies" - With Desy Hambarliyska (2024)

- "The Best Of Philosophic Poems - Part II: Chaotic World" - With Desy Hambarliyska (2024)

- "Válka s Terorismem" - With Jana Karásková (2024)

- "The Power Of The Media During The 90s" (2024)

- "Arte e Materialismo - Filosofia do Caos - Parte II" (2024)


  • Alien Predator World

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  • Você Não Tem Nada (Promo Film)


TV Movie


  • Você Não Tem Nada




  • Ahoj

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  • Realidade (Promo Clip)

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  • Vida Sofrida

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  • Célio Análise Games

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Video Game


  • Rock News TV


TV Series


  • Procura-se

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Book "Célio Azevedo: Uma lacônica biografia aos 40" ISBN: 9798375202181

Book "Arte e Materialismo: Filosofia do Caos" ISBN: 9798742684947

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