Hellsing OST

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A popular série de televisão Anime Hellsing, é vagamente baseado fora do mangá do mesmo nome e que tinha uma grande banda sonora. Dois álbuns foram lançados.

O primeiro dos dois foi lançado em 1º de Julho de 2003.


  1. World Without Logos
  2. Fool Cross Over Nirvana (Grudge Prohibited)
  3. Musical Play Smiling Rebellious Flower
  4. Certain Victory Lotus Sutra Tune
  5. Services to Gods (Do on Our Own Accord)
  6. Left Foot Trapped in a Sensual Seduction
  7. Dracula's Holy Pupil and R & R
  8. P.S. Lord Amitabha Have Mercy on Me
  9. Sea of Chaos (Creator's Ulterior Motive)
  10. Original Sin (For Not Keeping Virginity)
  11. Bodhisattva of Cathedral - Tatsuo Tabei
  12. Mask of the Priest and the Bell of the Chapel
  13. Act of Demon or the Work of God
  14. Pure Death
  15. Survival on the Street of Insincerity
  16. Ambiguous Drum's Grief
  17. Requiem for the Living
  18. Non-Neurosis Tunes (Who the Hell Are You?)
  19. When You Start the War, Fight With Arrows, Spears and Swords?
  20. Shine(Tv size)


O segundo álbum Ruins ("Ruínas" em inglês) foi lançado em 2 de setembro de 2003 e apresentava 22 faixas.


  1. The World's Last Sagacious Period
  2. Hidden Leaves Harmony
  3. Sky Of God Master
  4. Hatred Guy Of Sinfulness
  5. Soul Rescuer
  6. I.B.C.J. Siege Rope
  7. Sever Gun Fight At The Hill Of Casualties
  8. Soul Police Chapter's Reverse Side Circumstance
  9. Primary Colored Suicide Bombing Love Song
  10. Secret Karma Serenade
  11. The Japanese Alphabet Road With Chinese Bellflower's Sweet Smell
  12. Echoing Truth
  13. Fabricated Background
  14. Origin Reflection Rhythm Nation
  15. Midnight Assassin
  16. The World Without Logos (Dedicated To Malcolm X)
  17. Gypsy Of Atonement
  18. Good Bye Used World
  19. From 666 To 777
  20. Hemp Smoke Stings The Eyes
  21. Aha, Springtime Of Life's Erotic Hell
  22. Unexpected Incident



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