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Odunayo Oluwadare (Model)

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Odunayo Oluwadare
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Odunayo Oluwadare (Model)
Nome completo Odunayomiposi Oluwadare
Residência Lagos, Nigeria
Nacionalidade Nigerian
Fortuna $30,000,000 USD
Alma mater
Ocupação Model
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Odunayo Oluwadare on Facebook in 2017

Odunayo Oluwadare is a Lagos based model in Nigeria, Africa.

She was born in the 1990s.

She is from Lagos, Nigeria.

She's a Computer Science graduate from Houdegbe, North American University, Benin Republic.

Keen on modeling since high school she has tried out at various national competitions and international trials. Being a daughter to a popular pastor she had limit kick starting her art career.

She is a local model, Professional make-up and beauty business owner in Lagos which is the commercial capital of Nigeria.

She's affiliated to budding entertainment content-creator and Grammy credited music writer Adedamola Adeboro who she has been working with.

She has been running local modeling gigs, fashion store, sponsored ads and promotion on media sharing platform- Instagram.

She is also a columnist on

A blog owned by Kansas State, USA entrepreneur and entertainment art promoter- Janette Walker.

She has a vast knowledge of the international media and entertainment.

A big fan of music, fashion, TV and Sports. She spent half the last decade traveling the globe to improve her knowledge on modeling, fashion, TV, beauty tourism and business.

She has an estimated networth of about $30,000.00 USD

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